BPEP 购买Cryopeak液化天然气解决方案_交通设施网

BPEP 购买Cryopeak液化天然气解决方案

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王磊 摘译自 世界天然气 原文如下: Dallas-based private equity firm BP Energy Partners has purchased a controlling interest in the Canadian Cryopeak LNG Solutions. The liquefied natural gas solutions company Cryopeak will become a portfolio company in BPEP’s second private equity fund, LNG transportation and LNG onsite equipment and support. 。

即BP天然气机会合作伙伴II,包括LNG采购、LNG运输、LNG现场设备和相关支持, 公司提供液化天然气虚拟管道服务, 除了控制股权的收购, limited or unreliable. The company provides LNG virtual pipeline services including LNG procurement, 液化天然气解决方案公司Cryopeak将成为BPEP第二个私人股权基金。

Cryopeak致力于在天然气管道服务不可用、受到限制或者不可靠的地方为工业客户和公用事业单位提供天然气使用权, BPEP 购买Cryopeak液化天然气解决方案 2019-01-10来源:中国石化新闻网 石化新闻 中国石化新闻网讯 据世界天然气网1月9日消息 总部位于达拉斯的私人股权公司BP能源合作伙伴(BPEP)收购了加拿大Cryopeak液化天然气解决方案的控股权,以支撑其在北美的持续增长, BP Natural Gas Opportunity Partners II. In addition to the controlling interest acquisition。

BPEP还将向Cryopeak提供额外的资本, BPEP will also commit additional capital to Cryopeak to support its continued growth throughout North America. Cryopeak is focused on providing industrial customers and utilities with access to natural gas in locations where natural gas pipeline services are unavailable,。

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